Digital Convergence

Digital Convergence

What is Digital Convergence?

We think of it as the convergence of all your data; making it accessible across all your devices. PC home, PC work, phone, laptop, tablet.

What is Syncing?

Syncing: To synchronise two+ electronic devices so that they both have the latest information or files.

However many devices you have, having them all in sync. The ability to pick up any device and access the most upto date version of your data, be that an address, phone number, document or picture.

I presumed everyone was to be able to do this. However, during my time spent teaching it became clear this isn't the case.

If you need help in sorting, organising and safeguarding your data give me a call.


Photos - If your entire photo library is stored on your laptop or phone (and nowhere else).... What would happen if the hard drive fails, the laptop gets stolen or dropped ?

Address Book - Are your phone numbers still being stored on the SIM card? If you lose your phone will you have to re-enter everyone's number?

Do you have multiple email accounts? Would you prefer them all under one umbrella? Labelled, filtered and spam protected?

No one teaches you this stuff, unless you have a smart teenager in the house! Let me help.

It can take a few hours to set things up correctly. Then, a few more hours - to a few weeks - to upload your pictures and music to the cloud.

But once done you can relax.

Your photos will accessable from anywhere, and on anything (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone). The same goes for your music and videos. Address book synced across all your devices. Email organised, labelled and filtered.

If you are unfortunate to lose your phone, no problem. A new phone > sign in > and everything will be there.. Address book, Email, Photos.

How we do it?

Without giving too much away, we will sync everything to the cloud.

Contacts will sync across Gmail between phone and email

All photos will be uploaded to the cloud ( <16M pix)

All music will be uploaded to the cloud (up to 20,000 tracks)

Google Chrome will be installed on all devices, and sync all data between them.